CV Distribution

CV distribution can greatly increase your chances of securing a new role by distributing your CV to both recruiters and employers.

Prior to distributing your CV please take a look at our CV tips or CV service. If your CV isn't up to scratch then you will be wasting your time!

A CV distribution company should know which recruiters and employers need someone from your particular profession and industry sector. You should therefore secure a new job more quickly with a CV distribution company.

What questions should you ask a CV distribution company?

  • Have they experience in your specific industry sector?
  • Do they have experience in distributing CVs for people in your profession?
  • Is your CV distributed to employers, recruiters or both?
  • How many employers / recruiters will your CV be sent to?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What do their customers say about them? [Are their testimonials on their website?]
  • How much does it cost to distribute your CV?
  • Do you get any other services included in this price?

We recommend signing-up with several CV distribution companies to increase the number of recruiters/ employers that will receive your CV. This should increase your chances of getting a job.

Prior to using a CV distribution company you should check that your CV is up to the job. Don't send out a poor CV as this will just waste your time. Please see our free CV writing tips section or our CV service.

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