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An Online CV Sender service can help you distribute your CV to a wide variety of leading recruiters, which will help you to get that all-important interview.

Before you use the Online CV Sender please consider whether your existing CV is good or bad. If your CV isn't up to scratch then you will be wasting your time!

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What do you want?

Using an Online CV Sender service provided by a CV distribution company can get your CV sent to a wide range of different recruiters and employers. This will improve your chances of getting a new job. The CV distribution company will know which recruiters to send your CV to. An Online CV Sender service should therefore get you more interviews than you would have otherwise received.

It is recommended that you use several CV distribution companies to ensure that your CV is sent out to as many recruiters as possible. The more recruiters that get your CV the better will be your chances of getting your dream job.

You must first ensure that your CV is up to the job of impressing a recruiter before you use an Online CV Sender service, otherwise you might not get any calls from recruiters. Please see our free CV writing tips section and CV service for further help and advice.

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