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Job Interview Afterthoughts

If you got all the job offers that you wanted, then great, enjoy your new job!

If you are struggling to get any interviews, then

If you aren't getting the job offers you sought, then you must try and identify where the problem is.

There could be a number of problems / issues, for example:

  • Are you struggling to answer tough interview questions?
  • Do you lack the skills and experience that the employer is seeking?
  • Have you all the qualifications and training that the employer expects?
  • Is the employer picking up on some 'problem area', which is ruling you out?
  • Are your salary expectations realistic?
  • Have your interview nerves get the better of you?
  • Do you lack confidence when you get to the interview?
  • Are there some aspects of the interview process that you find difficult?

What Can You Do If You Are Failing To Get Job Offers?

  • Ask for feedback from the interviewer: Where did your interview performance let you down?
  • When you have received feedback from an interviewer you need to act upon it, so that you can improve your interview performance.
  • Carefully analyse the feedback that you have been given, identifying what you need to change.

Need to Improve Your Interview Performance?

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