What should you leave off your resume?

  1. Photos - the only people who need to include these are models, actors, actresses and possibly air cabin crew.
  2. Any sort of failure - exams, marriages, businesses, etc.
  3. Reasons for leaving each job.
  4. Salary information - this can only be used to reject your application. If an advertisement specifically requests this information you can always include the information in your cover letter.
  5. Fancy patterns/borders - these detract from your presentation
  6. Title pages, binders and folders are usually unnecessary and can be off-putting (though if you are doing a special presentation, enclosing your resume in a binder may look more impressive)
  7. Do not include a list of publications if you are a scientist, unless they are asked for.
  8. Leave out age, date of birth, weight, height, health, or any other personal information that is irrelevant to your application.
  9. Do not use poor quality photocopies of your resume - they make it look as though you are sending off your resume to lots of companies and that you may not be too bothered who you work for.

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