Writing your targeted resume

To produce a Targeted resume you will need to decide which attributes and achievements will be appropriate for the job you are applying for.

As well as including past experiences you can also include future related skills that you may not have had actual work experience in.

For example, if you have recently undertaken a course you can include any activities you performed whilst on the course.

Your work history and education history may be included after you have described your capabilities and achievements. Try and keep a Targeted resume on one page. You may have to prepare a Targeted resume for each individual job you are targeting.


Only list the most important qualifications. If you are a graduate you do not really need to include lesser qualification (unless you feel that they are important for the job you are applying for). Unless you have just completed a degree or MBA, this section should go after work experience. In the case of recently completed education, if your work experience is more likely to be of interest to an employer, you should still put work experience first. You could perhaps mention your recent qualifications in your profile or in your cover letter.

Personal Details

You should include your name, address, home and cell phone numbers.

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