Samples of Receptionist Resume

If you are looking for samples of receptionist resume then look no further. This article tells you what information to include for samples of receptionist resume.

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Samples of receptionist resume, what experience should you include on your resume:

  • The name of each of your employers and your job titles should be included on your resume.
  • A brief description of what each employer does (if they are not well known).
  • Your main areas of work, which might cover: handling visitors, telephone inquires, booking appointments, cash handling, bookkeeping, typing / word-processing, administration, training other staff, faxing, filing, etc.
  • Any major projects that you have worked on.
  • New procedures, practices and processes that you have introduced or developed.
  • Make your resume stand out by saying how you have reduced costs / saved money for your company.
  • How you have improved efficiency / productivity?
  • How you have increased / helped to increase revenues and profits (if relevant)?
  • Any other achievements that have benefited your employers.

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